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Manufacturing is booming again. Demand in many markets is increasing at record paces. The adoption of automation and innovative technologies is increasing exponentially. The operational and technical leadership pools are shrinking.

  • Having record orders and not making shipments leads to loss of key customers, burn out of key personnel, and lost profits.
  • Investing in major capital equipment without a rigorous analysis, risk assessment, and project management can result in millions in losses.
  • You may lose leaders in key operational and technical roles and replacing them with the right talent may take months, leaving several key initiatives at risk.
APEX Management Partners
APEX Management Partners

If you are happy with your company’s performance, position in the marketplace, and profitability, read no further.

However, if your firm is facing ferocious competition, demanding customers, dropping profits during rising sales, late or underperforming capital investments, or holes in key leadership or technical roles, you need to contact APEX.

If you are an investor or officer in a Private Equity firm you may have one or more portfolio companies that are not performing. APEX is engaged improve the performance in current portfolio companies, to conduct operational due diligence for prospective purchases, and to harvest synergies after deals are consummated.

  • Portfolio Company’s Performance is Lagging.
  • Growth is Constrained.
  • Post Acquisition Integration Challenges.