APEX Management Services helps our clients in many ways. The business world is ever changing and we continually improve and adapt to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients. Below are a few of the core areas where we provide value.

Businessman presenting a sustainable development concept, concept with chart going up showing growth, profit or success

Profit & Growth Transformation

A Profit & Growth Transformation enables an organization to align its resources with its opportunity for growth, optimize constraining resources, and reduce complexity.

The APEX Profit & Growth Transformation process can provide a path to increased EBITDA results of 2%-4% of Revenue.


Operational Optimization

APEX focusses on the 7 Levers of Value

1-Velocity 2-Complexity 3-Constraints 4-Reliability 5-Execution 6-Automation 7-Leadership

Within these areas we identify opportunity that can increase throughput and productivity from 10%-50%.


Equipment and Maintenance Strategy

An effective equipment maintenance strategy is essential for any organization that relies on critical assets, equipment, and heavy machinery. Implementing an effective maintenance strategy can lead to reduced operational costs, increased safety, and improved overall productivity in an organization.


Interim Leadership

We step in when others step out. If you have a short term leadership gap we can provide the right resource to keep a business or department stable until a permanent replacement is found. We can also assist during the interview process to help ensure success in making the right hire. 


Due Diligence

If you are considering making an acquisition we can help. Our Business and Operational leaders can assist ensuring that the potential acquisition is as advertised. We also evaluate equipment and infrastructure to determine red flags or if a deeper dive is required. 

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Business Turnaround

If you have a struggling business unit in need of drastic change APEX can supply a functional team to step in and gain control in order to stabilize then optimize. Once we have the business headed in the right direction we transition back to the leadership group.