The Value That We Bring to Our Customers

Profitable Growth Process

The APEX profitable growth process enables our client to increase its EBITDA by avoiding wasting capacity on unprofitable business; shedding overhead associated with unprofitable business; raising prices where a competitive advantage exists; focusing on creating raving fans in its core business; and developing a roadmap for double digit year over year growth.

  • 80/20 Customer & Product Profitability Optimization.
  • Sales Excellence Implementation.
  • Business Re-positioning.
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Operational Excellence Process

The APEX operational excellence process enables our clients to improve customer satisfaction, operating performance, and EBITDA improvement by implementing the following:

APEX Management Partners
  • OPEX.
  • TOC finite scheduling.
  • APEX Business Operating System.
  • 80/20 CI process – 5S, Kaizen, SMED, DOE Optimization.
  • Process Breakthrough Assessment.
  • Leadership development.

Talent Management

Talent and leadership are the keys to success in any competitive arena. APEX supports its clients as follows:

  • Provision of A-Player interim leadership.
  • Leadership assessment and coaching.
  • Candidate assessment for key roles.
APEX Management Partners